Sukoï Fever - The End Never Dreams - New album

Pre-order with goodies, including a limited 7inch edition and summer garden parties

About the project

Sukoï Fever provide their fans with intense live experiences, with a true sharing and partying spirit.

The 4th studio LP of the Orleans' born and bred power rock'n'roll band is due in september.

The bright and tough production of The End Never Dreams will definitely seduce soul garage rock devotees.

Ten years of career and three albums helped build the band a reputation of acute live energy and exceptional stage presence of their frontman Sam.

The soul rock combo remains gifted with powerful and groovy melodies scooped with a unique energy on the French garage music scene. They're drawn to highly referential songwriting and harmony gurus such as the Yardbirds, the Rolling Stones, the Zombies or the Clash. But they could as easily be compared to a Nordic fringe of high voltage rockers like the International Noise Conspiracy or Refused.

The stage experience is as genuine as can be, whether they stand in front of 5.000 people or one person, opening or playing with local or international acts like The Hives, les Wampas, Burning Heads, Flaming Sideburns, Elektrocution, Discipline, the Penetrators ... They perform as if it was the ast time, their intimate story as a band looking very much like a post-cold war Soviet soap opera.

It's been four years since their last LP, Amen. They're back with an ardent LP introduced by the singled Jack Bauer, which won't be featured on the LP. The B side, Down the Scene, though, will be opening The End Never Dreams, both songs serving as a launchpad for the album...

On board with their new partner in crime, DIY record label Quixotemusic, Sukoï Fever wanted to celebrate their 4th LP with goodies to the fans pre-ordering the album, with exclusive offers, including printed hi-quality pictures taken from the making of the album cover, personalized and dedicated birthday covers of the Beatles or Marilyn Monroe, ... True to their party spirit they offer a happy few BBQ garden parties but also a 50 pieces limited edition 7-inch... Is there a better way to welcome twelve new songs soaked with a dreadful passion for the whole history of rock and harmonic talent.

... keeping the music spirit intact and barging in everywhere people want us to comme party... Those are the fundamental ingredients of our continued longevity, claims the band. Nothing could be more true.

What are the funds for?

The End Never Dreams shall be officially released in September. It's totally self-financed, DIY old style, at home, by guitarist songwriter Sylvain Tremeau with skills developped since their former album called Amen.

"Concerts are a good thing but when songs keep coming in your head, at one point, it itches to make a record with them", explains Sylvain. "When you can't come up with enough money to pay for studio sessions you turn to home studio. There are lots of restraints at first, but in the end it's such a pleasure to see things through the way you want the songs to be. Bumps and errors are overcome by the result.

Yes there were hours and hours of hard work but as far as I'm concerned passion is passion !"

The record will be out on vinyl and CD digisleeve, with a 50 pieces limited transparent 7 inch of stand alone single Jack Bauer, which otherwise will remain on a digital version on platforms. The vinyl object will come along a premium download card. N One would ever imagine that all costs a thousand euros but Sukoï Fever and Quixotemusic never intended to have their fans pay for the pressing of the vinyls and CDs, the 7" etc... 

Nevertheless they decided they would celebrate the coming of The End Never Dreams by offering exceptional goodies for this pre-order campaign.  

The idea is to reward the first people to ask for those bonuses, including...

The End Never Dreams + Jack Bauer single on digital (13 songs)
The End Never Dreams vinyle LP + Premium download card
Three photo prints 12"x12" of the album cover photo session
Your name in the 7" credits
Happy Few concerts and BBQ parties
A Happy Birthday exclusive cover with your name in it (Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, ...)
Get your record delivered with breakfast by frontman Sam...


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